Monitoring instruments

Machine Conditioner

  • Vibration Measurement.
  • Laser Tachometer measurement
  • Infrared Temperature measurement
  • Current Clamp measurement
  • Electronic Stethoscope
  • Suitable for monitoring machinery vibration caused by imbalance, misalignment & gear faults
  • Micro controller based




Digital Motor Checker

Insulation Resistance (IR) Measurement. Identify open and short circuits/ loose connections in a winding coil. Identify interterm shorts. Detect Rotor bar problems without dismounting the rotor. Inductance of the winding with respect to different positions for rotor for detecting blow holes or cracks in the rotor bars. Simple operations, accurate & quick assessment of motor condition. Shock proofed rubber casting Low battery indication.

Analog Motor Checker

A portable diagnostic tool for Electrical Engineer and is used for quick on site checks of electric three-phase machines.

A reduction in machine performance, such as inefficient operation or tripping of overloads, may indicate mechanical or electrical faults. If the fault is electrical, will immediately detect it, without having to dismantle the equipment.

It may also be used to check quality and condition of motors which have been in storage before they are installed.

The instrument has three separate operating modes to measure different types of fault like fully insulation, open circuits / loose connections, short circuits and rotor defects. Motor insulation is tested with a high voltage of 500V DC supplied by the instrument.

Bearing Analyzer

We Present a small Micro Processor based diagnostic tool for comprehensive condition analysis of rotating machinery. Objective measurements of machine condition are needed as a reliable base for preventive maintenance. Now maintenance personal can analyze bearing condition, measure machine vibration and check rotational speed - with a single and easy to use instrument. The best way is to periodically monitor bearing condition and replace the bearing at the right time by least influencing the production efficiency.


• Direct indication of machine condition in terms of good – reduced – bad in condition scale

• Detect mechanical condition of bearings

• Damage severity readings of bearings

• Detecting lubrication condition of ball-and-roller- type Bearings

• Non-contact measurements of rotational speed

• Vibration Measurements according to ISO recommendations

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  • Item Code: 002
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